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Streamline operations, generate savings, and drive procurement innovation

Corcentric Procurement Services provides a broad range of expertise to help optimize your procurement function

As Procurement continues to evolve, companies find themselves in need of more robust strategic sourcing operations, and the resources to develop and maintain Procurement functions of the appropriate size, structure, and maturity. Corcentric Procurement Services includes a team of highly experienced procurement consulting services professionals, intuitive strategic sourcing technologies, and data-backed market intelligence. Together, they provide the specialized requirements to help drive the evolution of your Procurement from a purely tactical function to an innovative, nuanced, and strategic unit. 

Category Management

Corcentric’s team specializes in Procurement, but also speaks the language of other business units like IT, Marketing, and HR. Our strategic procurement services will make your Procurement team a trusted category manager — even in “off limits areas.” 

Tail Spend Management

Definitions for tail spend vary. Some organizations call the 20% of spend represented by 80% of their suppliers “tail.” Others use the term to describe all of their indirect spend. However you define tail spend, Corcentric enables you to take a more strategic approach and generate maximum value.

Managed Procurement Services

Not every organization has the internal resources to manage a world-class Procurement team. Unlike mere procurement outsourcing services, Corcentric fills in the gaps with true Managed Procurement support and expertise. Whatever your organization’s maturity level, Corcentric can provide for a strategic, effective approach to spend and supply management.

Supplier Relationship Management

The supply chain experts know how to build effective partnerships with strategic and transactional suppliers alike. Partner with Corcentric to get the most possible value out of every supplier engagement and relationship.  

On-Demand Procurement

Corcentric’s Procurement Help Desk offers on-demand access to our full suite of resources. Whether you’re looking to explore a new spend category, build new partnerships, or expand your supply chain, Corcentric’s expert team is here to help optimize every aspect of your procurement operations.

Cost Reduction

Our Procurement team has years of expertise in nearly every spend category — both direct and indirect. We’ll support you through each stage of the sourcing and supply chain management cycle to get not just the best price, but the best value. We can even guarantee risk-free savings through our contingency-based support model. 

Low-Cost Country Sourcing

Establish new supply networks and optimized procurement processes with Corcentric’s support. Our team helps leading organizations lower the cost of operations and maximize the efficiency of their supply chains 

How our procurement services work

Corcentric doesn’t just offer suggestions for improving your procurement processes or suggest a new procure-to-pay solution. Using a precise, three-stage approach, we work alongside your internal Procurement team to understand your unique needs, develop strategies informed by our decades of experience, and deliver on your key objectives.


Corcentric embeds itself within your organization to understand its current approach to Procurement. From there, we’ll work alongside the function to identify opportunities for improvement, ways to deliver on key objectives, and steps to elevate Procurement’s role within the organization.

Some of the ways we do that:



From carrying out strategic sourcing events to implementing category strategies, we’ll support you in putting our recommendations into practice. Transitioning to a new supplier or entering a new spend category? We’ll ensure you succeed in these new areas.

Some of the ways we do that:


Our Procurement experts offer long-term support to ensure your processes remain effective and your Procurement unit maintains its seat at the table.

Some of the ways we do that:

Benefits of Corcentric’s Procurement Services

Reduce Costs

Corcentric’s team helps organizations like yours spend smarter. Beyond getting a great price, you’ll gain the most value from every direct and indirect purchase.

Optimize Processes

Corcentric clients reduce efficiencies across the supply chain and get the most possible value from every aspect of their procurement operations.

Build Better Relationships

By partnering with Corcentric, organizations gain the resources they need to build partnerships at each link of the supply chain.

Elevate Procurement’s Role

Corcentric helps Procurement reach the next stage in its evolution and accept a leadership role within the organization.

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