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Results-Producing Sourcing and Procurement Services by Corcentric

Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Solutions, and Procurement Consulting Services by Corcentric

Corcentric is the premier Procurement Services Provider, helping organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships.

With decades of experience building strategic sourcing best practices and bleeding-edge procurement processes, Corcentric has helped dozens of organizations realize billions of hard-dollar savings in their procured products and services. While doing so, Corcentric helped to increase efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in those supply chains.

Bottom line? We deliver results.

Our exclusive strategic sourcing and procurement consulting services include:

Spend Analysis

We assess and categorize the entirety of your spend to provide an assessment for savings opportunities. We bring together disparate, decentralized data through cleansing, standardizing, and enhancing to get to the right level of detail within and across all applicable categories. We’ll categorize everything to provide you the best visibility for decision support.

Custom Benchmarking

Leveraging dynamic market intelligence from thousands of sourcing events across a variety of industries, we possess the dedicated resources and time to create a benchmark report with tailor-made recommendations. Our cross-industry experts have achieved hard dollar savings, and you can rest assured the benchmarking results we deliver will be actionable, not generic.

Learn more about Corcentric’s custom benchmarking expertise.

Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric optimizes sustainable advantages and savings through supply industry best practices. Through our industry-leading sourcing techniques, we help clients meet their current and future business needs.

Find out how Corcentric is the strategic sourcing service leader.

Strategic Sourcing for Indirect Spend

We’re the pioneers of managing indirect spend and harnessing strategic sourcing to enhance profitability. Learn how Corcentric is always on the cutting edge of Strategic Sourcing for Indirect Spend.

Strategic Sourcing for Direct Spend

Corcentric has the expertise and market intelligence to help you manage spend for raw materials and customer-facing services. Corcentric is your go-to for Direct Spend Management.

Low Cost Country Sourcing

We have the right resources and partnerships to help you save time and energy in strategic sourcing from low cost countries. Click to see more about how Corcentric is your trusted partner for Low Cost Country Sourcing.

Strategic Sourcing from Nearshore Countries

Corcentric has the experience and skills to navigate barriers and improve your operations with nearshore suppliers. Read more about how Corcentric leads the charge for Strategic Sourcing from Nearshore Countries.

Category Management

Procurement’s ongoing strategic evolution cannot continue unless the department develops a category management plan. The function must familiarize itself with the goals, objectives, and metrics of its peers within the organization. As a category expert, Procurement will engage Marketing, IT, Finance, and other units more effectively and drive greater value.

Learn more about Corcentric’s Category Management services.

Procurement Transformation Advisory

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement teams must work in lock-step with corporate strategy. When they’re not in lock-step, procurement transformation may be in order, which requires a full-picture view of current state against desired end-state, and a comprehensive gap analysis. Beyond generic recommendations, you need a full analysis of your people, processes, and technology against your peers and industry best practices.

Corcentric has the experience to guide Strategic Sourcing and Procurement teams through these critical transformation activities.

Procurement Technology Advisory Services

The Procurement Technology landscape is a crowded and complicated one. Even seasoned supply chain professionals can find it challenging to identify solutions that will help them deliver on their business objectives. To make matters worse, many providers are leaving the consultative space. Corcentric’s Procurement Technology advisers close this gap with their end-to-end support model. We’ll assist your Procurement team in navigating the market and engaging with best-fit suppliers to produce a greater return on investment.

Reach out to Corcentric’s Procurement Technology Advisory team to select and implement a best-fit Procurement solution.

Supplier Relationship Management

Apart from strategic sourcing, achieving sustainable savings requires organizations to drive performance improvements, manage risk, and efficiently manage supplier relationships. Corcentric has worked with tens of thousands of suppliers to understand what is important to them in a client-supplier relationship, and brings these insights to you. To develop or refine a formal Supplier Relationship Management program, you need a partner with the right expertise, who can customize the program to your industry, requirements, and market.

Contact us today for advice on implementing Supplier Relationship Management in your organization.

Procurement Help Desk

Today’s highly strategic Procurement departments have a lot on their plates. In addition to providing support across multiple functions, they are forced to content with fluctuating demand. Traditionally, Procurement teams have turned to Business Process Outsourcing to gain additional support. Procurement’s strategic nature, however, often means that outsourcing is ineffective. Hiring Procurement resources to meet sudden surges in demand is often similarly ineffective. That’s why Corcentric introduced the Procurement Help Desk support model. Providing access to our full suite of supply chain resources for around the cost of a single hire, it provides the flexible support today’s Procurement teams need.

Contact us to learn more about the Procurement Help Desk and its flexible support.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

“You have to spend money to make money,” so the saying goes. But securing a budget to fund a cost reduction initiative is easier said than done. Your organization shouldn’t have to worry about finding a budget to pay procurement consultants. That’s where Corcentric’s flexible payment options come in.

Corcentric’s contingency (gain sharing) cost model provides you a no-risk solution. Under our contingency model, you don’t pay until you see savings that affect your bottom line. You pay on performance, not projection. Find out more about Corcentric’s innovative Cost Reduction Initiatives.

People, Staffing, & BPO

Through Corcentric’s supply chain staffing services, your organization can quickly and efficiently fill openings with the right experts for short-term projects through long-term program management. Look beyond the outdated procurement BPO providers’ models and upgrade to a sourcing and procurement BPO that is scalable to any need you have. Corcentric is experienced in not only providing resources to procurement groups in need, but also viable paths to achieving procurement excellence in your industry.

Enhance the power of your procurement today with Corcentric’s Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing Staffing service offering.

Corcentric’s sourcing solutions go beyond the typical engagement.

We not only help you identify and negotiate with suppliers, we remain involved to ensure ongoing compliance with terms and conditions. We not only give you extensive access to proprietary cross-industry market data, we share sourcing knowledge, lessons-learned, and insights gleaned from working for the most successful companies worldwide.

Let Corcentric’s Strategic Sourcing Experts help you optimize your sourcing operations.

Strategic Sourcing Savings

Using Corcentric’s strategic sourcing services, organizations realize significant savings in all areas of operations. We’ll make sure you leave no stone unturned and capitalize on every savings opportunity. Together, we can reveal your organization’s path to an otherwise unobtainable competitive edge.

Industry-Leading Strategic Sourcing Results

The best managers chart success for both the short- and long-term. Once we help you identify and gain savings, we ensure those savings remain through long-term implementation and category management. Through improving supplier relationships, purchasing procedures, and cost structures, Corcentrics ensures success in all strategic sourcing phases. We can make sure you win both the battle AND the war.

Ready to take your company to the next level?

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